The organic urban farming and canna-markets are changing fast. With so many trends and policies, it can be hard to stay ahead—but starting a sustainable operation doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

Trust Eco-gro to guide you, with tools to help you grow more mindful.

It’s easy—we provide the info you need to start your business, plus ongoing consultation, and a wealth of resources to help you grow green for the long haul.

It’s affordable—we offer access to accounting, inventory, and reporting tools that fit any budget, and help ease some of your up-front costs with financing for renewable equipment, like LEDs and hydroponics.

It’s effective—we’re here to lend marketing advice, produce engaging content, and design packaging that complements your brand, so your farm-to-table restaurant, grow facility, or dispensary stands apart from the masses.

We believe there’s strength in numbers, so Eco-gro also offers support through community, and the opportunity to maximize impact by cross pollinating with other eco- minded entrepreneurs and individuals. We even offer certification for farmers and growers committed to producing organics with a low carbon footprint.

Grow more mindful. It’s never been so simple, or rewarding.