LED Lighting

led_iconOur world is changing. Our populations are growing. Our resources are dwindling. In this new era we must begin to carefully evaluate how we use our precious resources. We must develop a mindful and holistic approach to our impact upon the earth in which we live. Mindless use of energy and little regard for our discarded goods is no longer a sustainable option. We at Eco-Gro have taken this philosophy to heart in the development our next generation LED grow lighting.

The Status Quo

Indoor growers typical use metal halide lamps for lighting. The are powerful, bright and when they were developed in the early 1960’s they were a technical marvel. However with that bright, beautiful light there are some sacrifices. Seventy five percent of the energy Metal halide lamps consume is converted directly to heat rather than visible light. That means metal halide lamps are better at heating than they are at producing light.

Then there is a matter of physical waste. Metal halide bulbs in a production environment need to be replaced every 3 months. Its glass and metal components can be recycled, however the biggest issue is dealing with the poisonous mercury in the discarded bulbs. There are 225 milligrams in a 1500-watt lamp. Start multiplying the bulbs used in a production growing facility and it’s an environmental nightmare. As we said earlier, the world is changing and waste like that is just not a sustainable option.

A Better Option

Our LED lighting light years ahead of metal halide lamps with regards to energy consumption. Our LED lights convert 95% of it’s energy directly into light and only 5% into heat. The means that not only will it shave 80+ percent off your lighting bill, it will also save you a bundle on your HVAC costs. Case in point, one of our customer made the conversion to LED lighting and there electric bill dropped from $70,000 a month to under $15,000 a month. That’s a savings of over $55,000 every month or over $600,000 a year!

The there is the physical impact. With our lighting you can expect approximately 50,000 hours of light. In a production environment that translates into about 7 years of light before they need to be replaced. LED lighting has a kinder, gentler impact on world.


Our LED lighting uses proprietary spectral optimization to product the most effective growth cycle possible. Our lighting automatically switches from one light spectrum to another to optimize the various growth cycles within a plants production cycle. But in all fairness to our metal halide ancestors, product levels will sometimes drop a bit depending on what type of crop you are growing. However the plants THC content has increased by as much as 20%.  Any reduction in yield is over shadowed by the energy savings and reduced environment impact.

What Are You Waiting For?

Massive energy savings. Kinder to the environment. Increased efficiency. Who could ask for more? Well did we tell you that there are government incentives to make the switch? Did we also tell you that we will help finance your purchase to make the switch as easy as using traditional lighting? Contact us now so we can start you on your way to a better tomorrow.